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by Tuna Pase

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Gürültünün Dışı, Sessizliğin içi; Ruhun cinsiyetsizliği Denizin gri maviliği Bira ile paylaşılan yalnızlık Bünyene giren soğukluk Gürültünün arasındaki, bir anlık sıcaklık Çikolata kokulu bir krem yada bir sigara Eyvah işte yine geliyor Siyah rugan ayakkabılı kadın Akciğerlerime basıyor yavaş yavaş Her patlak daha da acıyor Durmuyor Sırtımdaki bıçak gibi Kırmızıya dönüyor, kanamıyor Lütfen gidin artık Bu topukların yürümeye yaramadığı zaten belli değil miydi Kafese kapatılmış hayatlar içinde Aksanlı konuşmalar Hepsi aile olmuş yabancılar Bağdaşma Sevinme Sevişme Ölüm Gürültü ve sessizlik Uçacaklar beynin karanlık gizlerine Kafiyesizilik Kafilesizlik Kefilsizlik ve Sesini unutma korkusu Gürültünün dışı, sessizliğin içinde Minik bir gülümseme Bize şeytandan kalan tek bir hediye *** Exteriors of Noise, Interiors of Silence; Neuterness of soul  Sea’s lividness  Loneliness shared with beer  Coldness that enter the body  A moment of warmness in between noise  Chocolate fragrant crème or cigar   And dying like a dog from longing  Damn, it is coming again  Woman with black patent leather shoes  Slowly stepping on my lungs   Every burst hurts more  Like the knife on my back  Turning red but not bleeding  These heels are no good for walking  Is that not obvious  Lives locked in cages  All aliens became a family  Intercourses with accents  Connectedness  Joyfulness  Caressing  Death  Noise  And silence  Without a rhyme  Without a tribe  Without a guarantor  And the fear of forgetting the sound of your own voice  Exteriors of noise, interiors of silence  A small gesture  Only gift left to us from demon 
Nefes 07:39
Mirror I am silver and exact. I have no preconceptions. What ever you see I swallow immediately Just as it is, unmisted by love or dislike. I am not cruel, only truthful--- The eye of a little god, four-cornered. Most of the time I meditate on the opposite wall. It is pink, with speckles. I have looked at it so long I think it is a part of my heart. But it flickers. Faces and darkness separate us over and over. Now I am a lake. A woman bends over me, Searching my reaches for what she really is. Then she turns to those liars, the candles or the moon. I see her back, and reflect it faithfully. She rewards me with tears and an agitation of hands. I am important to her. She comes and goes. Each morning it is her face that replaces the darkness. In me she has drowned a young girl, and in me an old woman Rises toward her day after day, like a terrible fish.
It's Cold and I Like It It's cold and I like it There's no light It's blue I can feel it It's cold You will be the ice And I will melt it You will get high Cause it's just cold
Om from Uma 04:09
Inside Me 15:24


This album is a compilation of electro-acoustic pieces I composed during the period of 2006-2010.

I would like to dedicate this album to my father Vitali Pase for supporting me through my journey of music.

I also would like to thank Ceki Kontente for naming this album, Necmi Aydin Sahtariadis for his photography, and Barkın Engin who inspired and supported me.


released February 14, 2014

All music by: Tuna Pase
Recording: Tuna Pase
Mixing: Tuna Pase
Mastering: Barkın Engin
Photography: Necmi Aydin Sahtariadis


all rights reserved



TUNA PASE Barcelona, Spain

Music Lover, Musician, Improviser, Composer, Songwriter, Ethnomusicologist, Lecturer

Electronics, Voice, Flute

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